Saturday, August 4, 2012

What We Found At Salvation Army

This weekend we had the pleasure of thrifting at one of our local SalArmy stores. Thrifting is always sort of hit or miss, it seems, for us. We either find lots of good stuff or hardly anything. This weekend was a GOOD weekend and we found all sorts of neat stuff!

Pink Pyrex is my ALL TIME FAVORITE Pyrex(though Jadite is my favorite glassware ever) so I literally squealed out loud at this three dollar find. I also am a big fan of many of the late 1960's and 1970's patterns which don't seem to be quite as well loved. This little bitty piece was only a dollar, but will be well loved and used along with the rest of my collection.

I just love them. Almost as much as pie. Almost.

I have been looking for one of these cake plates that was in good shape for a year now! I finally found one for five bucks! No dents, like most of the ones I usually find. It goes beautifully with the Kromex canister set my brother gave me and the bread box I bought years ago at a second hand store.

These lovely, beat up metal measuring cups are a fitting addition to my odd little shelves full of vintage metal kitchen utensils and milk glass shakers.

The shelves are in a weird little nook, at the end of my kitchen cabinets right beside the bathroom door. Most people never notice them, but that's ok, as they have become a cherished little secret for me.

These were an exciting find, as I usually don't find Ball jars with their lids. The jars make fabulous containers for buttons and trims.

I can always use vintage sheets to use for everything from clothing to totes, and embroidered tea towels to use as patches.

This kitschy little guy was only ten cents, so how could I pass him up?!

This little mini quilt top is just too leisure suit good to be true. I think it'll make a fantastic pillow. For fifty cents, it will also provide some seriously cheap project material.

As the gal checking me out was ringing up the seven shirts I had picked out for The Kid, she informed me that they had a special where you could pick one free children's top for each bottom you purchased, so I went back and picked out my seven free bottoms for her. I paid seven dollars total for seven bottoms and seven tops. That's fifty cents a piece! They were all two to three sizes ahead of where she is now, because I always buy ahead, just in case, God forbid, something really bad happens and we have no money, so at least the kid will have clothing. These things were all the ridiculous overpriced brands, like Gap and Old Navy(which has so terribly declined in quality since I was a kid), so you could not have purchased even a single piece brand new for only seven bucks. Pretty nifty.

These are four gallon sized bags full of toy soldiers and Cowboys and Native Americans. I plan on making lots of hair clips, pins and wrist cuffs with them. At fifty cents per bag, I can definitely afford to experiment with them.

And last but not least, my little ten cent toys, three of which will be used for pins. The little Strawberry Shortcake friend in the bathtub will be displayed with the rest of my vintage toys.

Forty-seven dollars for all of these things(plus a dress for me), but I could have barely paid for a few pieces of clothing for The Kid at that price, had I bought them brand new. Instead I purchased all of this and the money went to a wonderful cause.

Oh how I love thrifting!

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