Friday, August 10, 2012

Insomnia, Pillow Making And New Curtains

So I mentioned in a previous post that I didn't really care for my blackout curtains, though I did appreciate the amazing way they blocked out excess heat/cold in my front porch, and that I had actually burned a great big hole in one of them so I needed new ones. Well, new ones were acquired this weekend and I am happy to say that they are sooooo much better looking, feeling and working than the old ones! Although, that might be because the old ones were actually blackout curtains while the new ones are just thermal curtains. The old ones had a fakey plasticky look and feel, while the new ones look and feel more like cotton. The old ones made the room dark while the new ones create a sort of filtered glow. The new ones also weigh less, though they block out just as much heat as the old ones did.

The night I put the new curtains up I had a terrible case of insomnia, so I decided to make some bunting for them, since they are quite stark in color and texture(I have an idea for a way to remedy this, but it will take a ton of vintage doilies...). I used scrap pieces of fabric which I had cut into triangles, then sewed them into a strand of vintage grosgrain which had been folded over, and a scrap of vintage seam binding when I ran out of the ribbon. They were super easy to make and add a nice festive touch to our playroom.

When I finished the bunting and STILL couldn't sleep, at 2:30 in the morning, I decided to take the extra triangles and make a little pillow for the wicker chair. I used some vintage rick rack from my granny's stash for an extra little bit of color and playfulness. It is stuffed with my usual method-using all fabric scraps as stuffing. It is kind of hard to tell in the photo, but there is also a handstitched outline of red thread, all along the edge of the pillow, for a small but special touch.

Thor approves of the new pillow. I think.

As much as I hate insomnia, I have to say, I do get quite a bit done on the nights when I only get a couple hours of sleep.

But then I am dragging the whole next day, so I'm not sure it is the very best in trade-offs.

Why can't I just be a cat?

Lazy bum. All he does is sleep all day. And it's acceptable.

But then again, he licks his own butt.

Not sure that would be the best in trade-offs either...

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