Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Door Spider Part 2

Just when we had almost forgotten our front door spider friend, he/she came back. In a big way.

With a web that covers TWO THIRDS of our front door.

Can you make out the web? It reaches all the way down towards the bottom of the door. Greedy little spider.

I have the darndest time trying to photograph things at night. The Husband's camera absolutely hates me. Here's some proof-

Even out of focus, this bugger is creepy. I wish I could get a good photograph of the webs it spins. We are talking 3x5 foot webs. Every night!

The web spinning reminds me of my own embroidering, so despite his creepiness, I cannot bring myself to kill him. I don't think he is any danger to humans, so for now, he stays, and lives to creep The Kid out, and drive Thor bonkers(Thor wants to kill it) another day.

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