Friday, August 31, 2012


My poor little man. Yesterday we took him to the vet to have him snipped, but a couple of hours after we dropped him off, they called to let us know that they had found a lump on his leg that they thought might be cancer. So they did a little test but discovered no cancer cells. Yet. We are giving him antibiotics and pain meds and watching him for a week to be sure the lump doesn't get any bigger.

He may be just a little orange tabby, but he is very dear to my heart, so I am hoping that in a week, the dime sized lump will be nothing more but a memory. I am thinking positive thoughts.

After all, he IS the mighty Thor.

What Mom Made

Sometimes I think I should just turn MY blog into HER blog. She makes way better stuff! Like this hat for my dad...

I have officially requested a pink version for Christmas this year.

I'm not sure where she found the pattern online, but I'll try to remember to ask her, in case you want to make one for yourself. (Don't hold your breath.)

If I don't receive it, I might just have to steal Dad's.

Since he wouldn't pose in his fabulous fashion accessory, I had to take one for the team and do it myself.

Yep. I had better be getting one for Christmas.

It definitely makes my face look a million times better than it does on its own.

Now if she could only find a pattern for a crocheted turkey mask...Then I'd really be in business.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012


What I am working on tonight. A little twist on my typical button embroideries-I added a flower crocheted in 100% cotton, by my mama. The buttons will all be vintage shell, so aside from the metallic thread, this piece will have a very natural feel to it. I'm excited to see how it turns out, though I am predicting love already. I just might wanna keep this one for myself. *winkety wink*


This is my newest button embroidery piece. Jody and I found two of these cute little hoops while thrifting last week, and I just couldn't wait to do something with one of them.

I decided to use part of my collection of itty bitty vintage shell buttons, accented by silver metallic thread, and stitch them to a piece of unbleached cotton.

I love all the contradictions present in this piece. Modern, bright and gaudy plastic and silver thread, combined with vintage, neutral, natural materials like shell and cotton  seems so odd, and yet, right. I find that this little hoop, in a way, symbolizes me, and some of my closest friends. We too, are odd and lovely juxtapositions of modern and vintage, gaudy and quiet, natural and plastic.

Or maybe I am just over thinking it.

This little lovely will be listed in my etsy shop sometime tomorrow. It would make a sweet adornment for your desk at work, a quiet curiosity for your bookshelf at home, or a retro decoration for your Christmas tree.

If you are the beautiful human being who ends up with it, won't you please send me a little photo of it wherever you decide to park it? I am really quite fond of this one. *warm smile*

Love and light,

In Honor Of Thor Remaining A Little Boy Forever

Thor gets snipped tomorrow. Here are some photos of how he spent his last day being innocent of how cruel the world really is.

Poor fellow. He totally doesn't see it coming.

Ah well, there are more than enough kitty daddies roaming around town. Should he ever get a wild hair and escape the confines of our little house, he doesn't need to be the next.

Bob Barker would be so proud.


Jody made this for The Kid while she was here. It's hanging in the porch because it makes me smile...

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Pyrex, Pink Elephants and Pins

My friend Jody, of PaJama Love, came down from Metropolis(hahaha, small town humor there) to stay a few days with us last week. I am terrible about remembering to take photographs, so I only have a few to share with you. Boo me. I know.

Jody is super multi-talented and makes all sorts of neat things. I was so excited to receive this adorable felt pin(inspired by a fun book on felt) and retro headband made by her two lovely hands.

The Kid, photobombing my ugly mug.

She also made these fancy little crochet lovelies for me to use as embellishments on future necklaces or bracelets.

She also made The Kid a pink elephant to go along with the gray one I brought back from the last Sycamore Craft Market.

My gosh, how lucky am I to have such a friend?! All I gave her in return was homemade cream cheese stuffed french toast, strawberry apple muffins, cheesy scalloped potatoes and ham, meatloaf soup and soft peanut butter cookies. I mean, it was good food(sorry no pics, too busy enjoying it!), but nothing of lasting value.

I did sketch this drawing for her and her hubby though.

It is wonderful to have friends that enjoy receiving such an odd gift and do not recoil in horror at the weirdness.

I was not nearly as productive as Jody was while she was here, but I did share my plump pillow with her.

Jigglypuff. We think she is a Norwegian Forest cat. Or has some in her d.n.a. somewhere at any rate.

Jiggy and Thor both lovvvved Jody. A lot. Maybe too much. I was tempted to send spazzoid Thor home with her.

The Husband kept busy by working on a perch for the kitties. It isn't done yet, there's a bunch of finishing left to do, but Thor is enjoying it all the same.

We went thrifting a couple of times together and found a few neat little odds and ends.

I fell in love with this super chunky, super kitschy nautical necklace. I'm going to wear it with everything. I don't even care if it matches.

A bright, lemon yellow, square Pyrex bowl won both of our hearts over. I'm telling you-I am suddenly a Pyrex magnet!

Jody helped me pick most of these toys from a "10 cent toy bin". We think they will make fabulous centers for pins!

We also found a stash of TWENTY FIVE CENT embroidery hoops. Talk about a steal! I'll show you a piece I made with one of those hoops in my next post. It's adorable.

And last but not least, we came across a Burberry London shirt for seven dollars. SEVEN DOLLARS. I don't even care for designer brands, but I know what that shirt is worth to people who do. I was going to wear it as a tunic, since I like the feel of the material, but it happens to fit The Husband quite nicely, so I gave it to him, on the condition that I can borrow it.

I debated whether or not to buy the shirt since I wasn't sure it would fit, but Jody assured me that if it didn't, it was a nice enough material that I could cut it up and make something cool from it.

I know that statement would make some of my friends cringe in horror at the thought, and that absolutely delights me. DELIGHTS ME. Yes, Jody and I would totally cut up an expensive designer shirt. That's what friends are for.

Spending an extended amount of time with such a creative and kind friend was definitely good for my soul. I am not someone who really allows people into my domain, since I don't need the hassle of judgements and the burden of impressing them with my "stuff". My house in unimpressive. If a person shows up expecting to be impressed, they will be disappointed. Sorely. So, having a friend who doesn't care that I don't decorate, that my kid is a typically annoying(at times) toddler and that my laundry is never caught up, is a true blessing.

If you have a friend like that, you should be sure to let them know just how grateful you are for their friendship. Some people are definitely not so lucky.

And, if you are ever in Mt. Pleasant, Iowa, Little Mexico restaurant is a nice little place to eat. And if you need to use the bathroom but your waitress doesn't speak English, use the phrase

¿Donde esta el baƱo?


Door Spider Part 2

Just when we had almost forgotten our front door spider friend, he/she came back. In a big way.

With a web that covers TWO THIRDS of our front door.

Can you make out the web? It reaches all the way down towards the bottom of the door. Greedy little spider.

I have the darndest time trying to photograph things at night. The Husband's camera absolutely hates me. Here's some proof-

Even out of focus, this bugger is creepy. I wish I could get a good photograph of the webs it spins. We are talking 3x5 foot webs. Every night!

The web spinning reminds me of my own embroidering, so despite his creepiness, I cannot bring myself to kill him. I don't think he is any danger to humans, so for now, he stays, and lives to creep The Kid out, and drive Thor bonkers(Thor wants to kill it) another day.

What Came In The Mail Today

A box with more stamps than I think I have ever used in my entire life.



Pink Pyrex Gooseberry Cinderella bowls. I don't think I even need to say anything else.



One thing I love about summer months, is the sun revealing to the world that I really am a redhead. My hair is a unique dark shade, and during the late fall and winter months, people often think that I am just a brunette. Clearly, I am not.

When I step out into that warm, hot sun, they suddenly believe me.

And then I make them feel really guilty for insinuating that I was a liar, and tell them that they have to treat me to ice cream.

Or something like that.

Fluevogs And Shots

It's always a fun day when a phlebotomist receives the opportunity to stab your fat arm multiple times in search of blood. That's not a mean statement against the phlebotomist-she was cool. My arm just sucked today.

I've been dealing with depression for many years of my life. And never bothered to see a doctor about it. Until today, when I spilled the beans to my OBGYN. Weird person to spill to, right? Not so much, I guess. She sent me to the lab to have my blood drawn and thyroid levels tested. Annnnnd she made a psychiatric appointment for me. Given the odd array of symptoms I have been experiencing over the past couple of years(inability to lose weight, severe fatigue, loss of interest in beloved activities/people, a puffy face, a constant lump in my throat, and here lately, trouble breathing) I really expect to hear that my thyroid has gone wacko, but the doc really felt pretty certain that all my symptoms are due to the depression manifesting itself in crazy ways. I guess we'll see. The main thing is, I am finally on the road to finding a resolution.

I have a strong aversion to hospitals, and almost chickened out of my appointment, but I just can't take not knowing what's wrong with me anymore. The insomnia alone has become unbearable.

Thankfully I had an old pair of Fluevogs on my feet to keep me company and help divert my anxiety.

I feel as though I might actually sleep well tonight, for the first time in many months.

That's a feeling that's worth more than the feeling that wearing any gorgeous pair of Fluevogs can provide.

Well, almost. I mean, let's be real here.

Monday, August 27, 2012


Children-the final(and greatest) frontier...


New glasses-yes? No?

I like them, so they are definitely staying. I have to have frames with strong lines since I have such a round, fat face. I hate that these types of styles are so trendy right now, since I have been wearing retro frames for years, and now suddenly everybody else is too, but oh well. Maybe tomorrow they"ll fall back out of fashion and I'll be quirky weird again. One can only hope.


The five dollar cd pile-enemy to my wallet, and yet, friend to my heart and soul.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012


From time to time, I like to search ebay for odd and random things that tickle my fancy. Recently I stumbled across this lot of McDonald's Barbie figurines, circa 1992, which I won for a buck. ONE DOLLAR. I paid three for shipping, so my purchase came to a grand total of four dollars.

The Kid LOVES these things as much as I did, and I have been pleased to see her play with them for hours on end. I'm just not quite ready to transition her into full size Barbies, despite her interests, for reasons that I will keep to myself so as not to offend anyone, but she seems to be quite content with playing with these for now.

Online thrifting is not quite as efficient as local thrifting(there's that whole use of fuel during transportation thing to think about), but I still feel better about buying these than I would about buying a bunch of brand new Barbies, so it's a great compromise.

And when she grows out of them(if she does), then I will quietly integrate them into my vintage figurine collection, in between the Strawberry Shortcakes and Cabbage Patch Kids.

Ok, I'm pretty much counting on that happening. And if it doesn't, then she'll just have to conveniently "lose" them...

I'm a horrible parent. I know.


Thor has such a cute, prissy little mouth.

At his appointment yesterday,the vet said that he is measuring the size of kittens two months older than he is, and that he'll probably be a big boy. Thor was a predictive and thoroughly appropriate name for him.

Maybe we should have named him Gidget.

What Mom Made

I am just the luckiest kid. Really. My mama is always making me the neatest things.

Like this granny square necklace, recently bestowed upon me for no reason in particular, other than that I am the daughter. Lucky, I know.

I'm honestly not sure what is going on with my face in these photos, aside from the fact that I am not wearing "my face"(my mask of cosmetics). I was getting ready to take Thor to the vet, so I had two choices, either snap my naked face the way it was, since I wasn't wearing make up to the vet's office, or put The Kid's Batman mask on. I chose the easiest route.

Because I couldn't find the Batman mask.

The good news is, new glasses have been ordered, and should be in this week, so no more totally naked face anymore!

Until The Kid breaks them again. Which is why I ordered two pairs this time....