Monday, August 6, 2012

Two New Collage Totes

Today I have two new totes to show you all. These won't be listed on etsy, as I am saving them for craft markets, but if you would like to own one of them, just let me know and I will go ahead and create a reserved listing especially for you!

This tote was made with scraps leftover from The Kid's birthday dress, scraps from Dana at Dot's Diner, scraps from some Coke curtains my mama made, some vintage curtains and many other thrifted scraps and pieces.

This tote is comprised of vintage sheets and lots of sweet vintage florals. I love the yo-yo's and the little farmyard patches which were all cut from one small quilt square I found in amongst a bunch of others while thrifting one day. The Humpty Dumpty patch is especially sweet too!

As you can tell,  I never EVER throw any scrap of fabric away. Even the smallest scraps can be used as fill for stuffies.

Yes, I know.

I might be a tiny bit obsessed...

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