Friday, August 10, 2012

To Market To Market

A few weekends ago I was a vendor at the last(as of this moment) Sycamore Craft(will now be called The Local Makers' Market) Market in Iowa City. Despite not having any sales myself, I had a blast vending next to the adorable Jody and Jason Stoffer of PaJama Love, who have the cutest booth full of cuddly crocheted creatures and swarthy(ok, they are actually more cute than swarthy...he he) swashbuckling sock pirates and sea creatures. It is not possible for me to attend a show where Jody and Jason are vending without bringing home some cuddlers for myself. I mean, for THE KID. I acquired all of these(save punk kitty with a mohawk which was my first purchase from Jody and Jason back in October of 2011 at What A Load Of Craft in Iowa City) that day!

Jody also creates the most beautiful crocheted and beaded chokers and necklaces. They are so delicate, lacy and gorgeous, you really have to hold one in your hand to fully appreciate the workmanship. I was lucky enough to bring this beauty home.

I also scored these cool upcycled comic book paper weights and magnets from A Book Full. The magnets were for The Kid, since she constantly steals my magnets off the fridge. Now that she has her own set, she leaves mine alone. Hurrah! Although you'll notice she has already popped the glass off of the Joker. The paper weights are The Husband's.

Also from A Book Full, this upcycled comic book sketchbook and little Jello pudding box book! I have been wanting one of these Jello boxes for awhile, so I was pretty excited to get my hands on one.

And look inside! Rambo! I don't think this sketchbook could be more awesome if it tried...

Lastly, I instantly fell in love with this huge farmers tote made by Sarah of The Purple Pincushion. I just had to have it. It features pie. Delicious, juicy, vintage pie. Oh and chenille. Need I say more?

I am a fangirl of everything handmade, but I especially love when I get to support my fellow crafty and artsy Iowans. If you have the chance to check out any of these vendors when they appear at a show near you, do so! You won't be disappointed. I promise!

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