Monday, August 1, 2016

Happy Braided Textile Necklaces

I keep saying I'm going to start doing craft/art shows agains, but life just keeps getting in the way. I'm cool with that. I'll go back to full time creating someday. It is hard to stay focused on much of anything while my son is at the age he is at, so I just keep making things and putting them in storage until "someday" arrives.

Lately I've been working on some braided textile necklaces. I made one for myself on a whim one day-

And I liked wearing it so much that I started making extras to add to my etsy shop and take to shows. Only I haven't done either of those things yet. Soon.

I like these pieces because they are so easy to wear. Fabric makes them soft, lightweight and flexible yet durable-perfect for traveling or when you have a kid who pulls at your jewelry. I like that they can contain so much color yet not come off as obnoxious too. Because sometimes I want something really bright, but uncomplicated, that I can just throw on before heading out the door.

These are also great for layering. You can add twice as much color for much less weight than when layering chunky metal or beaded pieces.

I've got plenty of ideas for braided head pieces and bracelets as well, but those are probably going to exist only in sketch books for awhile. I'm currently spending as much time on my herb garden and putting up fresh herbs and produce for the winter as I can. Oh and there's all the end of summer and back to school fun stuff with the kids too.

Although I have to say, you know you're a parent when your mental image of summer goes from being one of sweets and splashing and sunshine to one of survival. Ha. I kid. But seriously.

Braided necklaces. Way cool.