Wednesday, August 29, 2012


This is my newest button embroidery piece. Jody and I found two of these cute little hoops while thrifting last week, and I just couldn't wait to do something with one of them.

I decided to use part of my collection of itty bitty vintage shell buttons, accented by silver metallic thread, and stitch them to a piece of unbleached cotton.

I love all the contradictions present in this piece. Modern, bright and gaudy plastic and silver thread, combined with vintage, neutral, natural materials like shell and cotton  seems so odd, and yet, right. I find that this little hoop, in a way, symbolizes me, and some of my closest friends. We too, are odd and lovely juxtapositions of modern and vintage, gaudy and quiet, natural and plastic.

Or maybe I am just over thinking it.

This little lovely will be listed in my etsy shop sometime tomorrow. It would make a sweet adornment for your desk at work, a quiet curiosity for your bookshelf at home, or a retro decoration for your Christmas tree.

If you are the beautiful human being who ends up with it, won't you please send me a little photo of it wherever you decide to park it? I am really quite fond of this one. *warm smile*

Love and light,

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