Monday, August 20, 2012


Lots of random ideas floating through my head this week...Gearing up to begin some new embroidery pieces.

Now that I've shown you all my silly drawings, maybe some of you, who have had the sketchbook hidden away for awhile, will dig it out and do a little doodling yourselves, hmmmm?

It is such a good stress reliever. Just find a writing utensil and let yourself loose. Don't worry about what anybody might think of your skills, just go with it! Nobody has to ever see them(although I LOVE to see the sketchbooks of other artists/crafters!).

And for a truly freeing creative experience, try sketching with your eyes closed. Just draw whatever comes to mind, and then giggle over it when you open your eyes. SUPER FUN. Especially in a group setting.

Happy sketching!

1 comment:

  1. Storm Cloud twins, similar to Thunder Buddies? I saw Ted a while back that's what came to mind.