Saturday, August 4, 2012

An Upcycled(Sort of) Breakfast

One of the fabulous things about summer is all the wonderful fresh produce available to us here in the Midwest. The only bad thing about all the produce is trying to get it all used up before it goes bad. Often I find myself chopping and freezing leftover bits and pieces of fruits and veggies. Sometimes, when I am feeling lazy, I just find an easy way to cook the bits and pieces so I don't have to freeze them. Soup is an excellent way to do just that, but not always appreciated by the family in the summer. A nice alternative is a simple egg bake, which can be eaten for breakfast, lunch or supper.

For this bake, I layered some frozen peas, fresh celery, fresh cherry tomatoes, fresh baby portobello mushrooms, onions and cheese in a greased baking dish, then poured a basic scrambled egg mix(six eggs plus a few tablespoons of milk beaten together) over top and baked in a 350 degree oven for about an hour or so.

It was sooooo yummy. And I'm not really even a fan of eggs. Except when used to bake cakes. And pies. And cookies.

Though this makes for a simple meal, it is truly satisfying and delicious. The lovely flavors of the produce are enhanced by the cheese and egg, and it tastes just about as good reheated as it does when it first comes out of the oven.

So easy even your kid can make it. Or for that matter, your HUSBAND.

*sad trombone*

*hangs head in shame*

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