Tuesday, August 21, 2012


From time to time, I like to search ebay for odd and random things that tickle my fancy. Recently I stumbled across this lot of McDonald's Barbie figurines, circa 1992, which I won for a buck. ONE DOLLAR. I paid three for shipping, so my purchase came to a grand total of four dollars.

The Kid LOVES these things as much as I did, and I have been pleased to see her play with them for hours on end. I'm just not quite ready to transition her into full size Barbies, despite her interests, for reasons that I will keep to myself so as not to offend anyone, but she seems to be quite content with playing with these for now.

Online thrifting is not quite as efficient as local thrifting(there's that whole use of fuel during transportation thing to think about), but I still feel better about buying these than I would about buying a bunch of brand new Barbies, so it's a great compromise.

And when she grows out of them(if she does), then I will quietly integrate them into my vintage figurine collection, in between the Strawberry Shortcakes and Cabbage Patch Kids.

Ok, I'm pretty much counting on that happening. And if it doesn't, then she'll just have to conveniently "lose" them...

I'm a horrible parent. I know.

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