Monday, August 20, 2012

Compost Bombs

When you frequently eat and cook lots of fresh veggies and fruits, you also end up with a bunch of food waste, like apple cores, pepper stems and the bad spots on tomatoes. While all of that waste may not be fit to eat, it is still full of valuable minerals which make for rich, nurturing soil after decomposition occurs. Composting is just a no brainer.

BUT, a compost pail(that you fill and then empty into your outdoor bin) in your home can be really gross, full of yucky smells and attractive to fruit flies, unless you walk your waste out to your compost bin every time you cook.

 I am too lazy to do this.

 Instead, I make frozen compost bombs.

The cool thing about freezing your compost, is that you get no nasty smells, no attraction to pests, and the fruits and veggies seem to break down more quickly once they melt. I eat quite a few melons, so I simply slice the melons in half, eat a half, then place the empty half rind into  my freezer and fill it up with the garbage bits of my vegetable matter until it is full. Then I take it outside and pop it in the composter.

It couldn't be any easier.

Sometimes I pour a little water(left over from vegetable washing) over the bomb and let it ice over before I take it outside, as most composters need to be watered from time to time, so the soil you are making doesn't totally dry out.

So there you have it. A super easy and efficient method for dealing with your food waste.

Also, as a bonus, "compost bomb" sounds so much cooler than "compost pail".

Don't lie, you know it does.

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