Monday, August 6, 2012

Snapshots-Little Blessings

I am always surprised by how often I find myself yearning for something that seems out of my reach, when suddenly, it appears. Am I just lucky? I prefer the term "blessed"...

These are nice, large sized and sturdy screens(or racking) that my father-in-law came across one day last week. An older lady was just getting rid of them and asked if he knew anybody who could use them. He thought of me, which was ironic because after vending at my first couple of craft markets, I knew that what I needed to really show off the variety of goods I make but also manage a somewhat cohesive look, would be some large, upcycled racking to use as booth "walls". I had ideas for how to source the wood and build them, but The Husband has been working seven days a week with lots of overtime and I knew there would be no way he would get around to making me anything of that magnitude until next spring, since we still have a back porch floor and gutters for the roof and a basement window that need to go up, once his work schedule slows down.

And then these happened!

They are a perfectly ideal size and are used, which means I am saving them from the landfill(right up my philosophical alley!). They also have hinges, which means they can be reconfigured again and again to suit my needs. I can do a small booth for smaller shows, a larger booth for larger shows, or even TWO booths so I can sell art AND crafts at my own backyard guerilla art/craft shows!

They are EXACTLY what I envisioned and didn't cost me a thing. How amazing is that?!

Seriously, I could die of excitement.

But then I couldn't vend at any more craft markets so I best go make some plain Jane oatmeal for supper and calm my butt down.

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