Monday, December 30, 2013

The Rock Pendants And Some Morning Chatter

It has been a morning of crankiness at the Casa de Cupcakes. Both children were up about a million times last night so they're tired and fussy. I was up with each of them, of course, so I'm tired and fog brained. The Husband worked third shift so he's tired and more tired. Everybody is tired. Even the cat. Of course, she's a lazy floor pillow, so she's always tired. Her life is so hard.

To combat the tired crankiness, we're taking the Christmas tree down today then going outside and facing the icky cold temps(it is TWO DEGREES right now) to pick out paint chips and maybe some paint. I've decided to paint the fireplaces green. Yes, green! Jadite green...ish. And the playroom is getting a new 1940's Superman comic inspired color palette. I think we need to pump up the color around here and make this house feel a little more playful and happy. No time like the present to start!

Before I go, I wanted to share a few wire wrapped pendants we picked up a few weeks back while we were Christmas shopping. Two went to the Moms and two went to me.

Can you guess which ones went to who?


If you guessed that the ginormous geode is mine, you're correct. It was the biggest one he had! He actually said he hoped I wasn't buying it as a joke. I assured him I was not. I love it!

I tried to capture the crazy, glittery sparkle of the substantial stone but I just could not get it quite right. If you've ever seen a geode up close, then you know that sparkle that I am referring to. It reminds of how the snow glitters like thousands of diamonds after the first fall.

This weird, white and carmel bubbly stone is also mine. The gentleman who made the pendants told us it is some type of coral(I don't remember what kind-Mommy brain). It is such a weird, pretty, strangle little piece. I loved it immediately.

This teeny little geode went to my mama. Out of all the pendants he had, this reminded me of her the most. Strong rock outside. Delicate and glittery crystals inside. Earthy and pretty. Simple yet complex. I think I chose well. She seemed to like it.

Or she's a brilliant actress. Heh.

And finally, this pendant went to The Husband's mother. I cannot for the life of me remember what it is, nor can I explain why we picked this one. It was just a pretty stone that we liked and thought she might like too. She seemed to think it was neat. She wears it on a small seed bead necklace, which is a nice contrast to the stone.

Serendipity. That's how we came across these.

I knew you were wondering.

The artist who made these pieces was selling them from a seasonal  booth in the middle of the Quincy mall. The juxtaposition of the slightly shy, artistic rock lover, quietly wrapping his stones in his booth, which was catty corner from a big name, conventional jewelry store that was full of shoppers making their Christmas purchases a few weeks away from the "big day" was so interesting, and even a little sad(to me) in some ways.

Here was this man, who clearly loved all these rocks he had cut and/or tumbled/polished/wrapped, and was very knowledgeable about them(as he had acquired many of them from their places of origination), selling absolutely one of a kind, handmade pieces of art, for far less than he could or should have, and people were passing him up left and right for the expensive, mass produced, conventional gold and lab created stone and/or blood diamond jewelry. Many of them opening credit cards just to afford their purchases(The Husband and I both did this during our first couple years together. I to buy him a watch and he to buy me an opal ring. Ha.).

Don't get me wrong, gold and silver and diamonds are financial investments, and they are pretty, and they stand the test of time(Except for opals! They are big fat weaklings that crack and fall out of their settings when you least expect it...can you sense my bitterness?) I know. Those items are always worth something to somebody.

But, sometimes it is nice to invest in people and their gifts too, though. They are always worth something as well.

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