Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Kid Tough Camera Review And Snaps

Last year, we bought The Kid one of those Kid Tough digital cameras for Christmas. She was finding it difficult to keep her mitts off of my very expensive camera, but we still wanted her to experience the fun and creativity of taking photos, so we started searching the web for a device appropriate for her then three year old mental and physical capabilities. We did  not want to get a regular old camera meant for adults as she's very active and dramatic and prone to dropping and/or throwing things. After much reading we settled on the Fischer Price Kid Tough camera.

A year later I feel like I can finally and confidently give an accurate review. Obviously, I am not paid for this review. It is just my opinion, so as to give other parents some more reading material.

SO, we love this thing. Seriously. It has been dropped, thrown, hidden away and rediscovered for a month, left in the cold and the heat, and it always starts right up. Sometimes it can get a little buggy and the screen goes funny, but you just restart it and all is good.

The photos is takes are not high quality, but they're good enough to pacify a very young, budding shutterbug. And it holds several hundred at a time. And you can use a usb cable to download them to Mommy or Daddy's laptop!

In fact, I recently did just that. In addition to a myriad of silly selfies and foot photos, there were some neat abstract photos and lots of toy portraits.


It is so neat and funny to look at the past year through my little one's eyes. The things that she found photo worthy are sweet, odd, amusing and puzzling, all at once. It is super cool to watch her skills develop as well. She is much more careful with her camera and more calculated in her subject choices now. She is learning that if she wants the photo to be clear, she needs to have patience and hold the camera still after she "clicks". Lord knows that I can use all the help teaching her about patience that I can get.
I am thinking it won't be long until she is ready for a "real" camera. And I'll feel much more comfortable with her having a regular camera because she's learned that she has to be careful and respect the darned thing if she wants it to work correctly.
If you are considering purchasing a Kid Tough camera for your little one, I wholeheartedly recommend you do so. It is a wonderful vehicle for creativity. And it also provides unending entertainment for the grown ups who get to browse the photos.
BUT, make sure you start closing and locking the bathroom door when you're in the shower or you might be gifted with awkward nudies of yourself when you review your child's work.
Don't ask me how I know this. Just trust me. 

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