Thursday, December 12, 2013

What's Goin' On

My posts will probably be a little sparse the next two weeks. It is almost Christmas, so, crunch time for crafters.

As far as my house goes, there's some of this going on

And a little of this

Yes, that  be a baby spoon in my hot chocolate.

There's also a whole lot of this going on

And with that comes this

"TAKE MY PICTURE!" while I'm covering my face so you cannot see me...

A tiny bit of this(my mama made them) is occurring

And of course, this

It looked so bare up there that I added some extra Christmas bling. Or, these were the extra ornaments from Goodwill that didn't have hangers and I was too lazy to go buy some.

On top of all my dashing to get things made, I've suddenly got a mobile baby. So I'm picking up and putting back(bigger house=more territory for inquisitive danger magnets to explore) all day long.

At this rate, it may be Valentine's Day before I get all my Christmas gifts made.

Why oh why can't that lazy cat of ours babysit for me?!

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