Friday, December 6, 2013

A Few Fall Snaps

It was a gray, cool, perfectly still fall day, this past Sunday. We were at my in-laws for supper, and The Husband and I decided to do a little spray painting, as there won't be many more days left this year with temperatures that facilitate outdoor painting.

I couldn't resist snapping a few photos to share Nature's mood with you.

When I was younger, in the spring and summer of my life, I detested fall. It felt so cold and depressing. As my life continues to arc, fall has really begun to resonate with me. I find the crispness, the stillness, the decay, the textures, and the muted color palette all very comfortable and parallel to my own emotions and sense of self.

I suppose somebody might find that to be a somewhat sad or negative paragraph. To me, it is not.
Winter is coming.
Yes, I read those books.
But seriously, it is.

And I'll be hibernating, and slumbering and recharging my soul until Spring comes back around for me.

Winter is coming. But, so is my Spring.

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