Saturday, January 4, 2014

A Christmas Mouse

I made this little mouse for one of the daughters of the friend I crocheted the bright orange scarf for. She's under a year old, so I wanted to make something suitably sized, soft and absorbent, since babies tend to be drool monsters. At least, mine do. Ha.

It is made entirely of upcycled fabrics(thrifted from the local Salvation Army, then washed in very hot water and Method detergent) and cotton sewing thread/embroidery floss. I stuffed the little bean with thin shreds of the same flannel it is made out of, so it is soft but also sturdy, and has a nice weight to it. 

Babycakes was very interested in the little toy, so I think I'll be constructing one for him too, since I have plenty of fabric left over. It was so easy to make that I didn't think about providing any instructions, but I got to thinking later that it might not be easy to figure out for a person who has never sewn before but wanted to try to make one, so when I make Babycakes' mouse, I'll take a few extra snaps and show you how I made him.

For those of you who already know how to sew, you can tell how I did it, I am sure.

I think I'll be making more of these later this year, in preparation for craft markets and shows. There's just something about the shape and size that is comforting, even to an adult. I think they would be cute as primitive style decor if done in some of my vintage feed sack prints, or in a smaller size as pin cushions. Or in a teeny tiny size as brooches. My brain just keeps coming up with all these ideas for variations, and now I have a wealth of inspiration sketches to choose from.

All because I decided to sew a little soft toy for a sweet little baby.

It is just another example of how sometimes when you want to bless or gift somebody else, you end up blessing or gifting yourself...

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