Monday, March 28, 2016

Yesterday Once More

I took a few snaps here and there yesterday, to show you the types of things I do when I'm busy and I can't afford the time to really get "in the zone", so to speak.

Sketching. That's basically what I do. Sketching and doodling and idea writing.

But first, let me just give a shout out to sequins and glitter, which make my word go round, even on Easter Sunday.

Sometimes, when you're riding around in the passenger seat of a car and you want to draw, all that's available to you as a writing utensil is a stinky, lime green Mr. Sketch marker.

Or maybe that's the type of situation only I encounter.

What to do? You take the marker and run with it. Until you can locate a crappy, intended for kids colored pencil.

Then you sketch your son's pouty Easter face.

And you bear the burden of kids cracked out on sugar from the three Easter baskets a piece they received that day, until you can tuck in later that night with embroidery, tea and macarons. 

I've recently made it a personal rule not to eat anything after supper each day, but dude, sometimes you just have to break the rules. Especially when you've spent 12 hours with chocolate fueled Mr. Hydes, who turned you into the Candy Nazi.

"No candy for you!"


  1. Your first pic of the sequins and glitter, very pretty !

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