Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Technically, It Is STILL WINTER

For like, another week, right?

You can't tell if you judge by the weather.

Today was 70+ degrees warm outside. After school, the kids played outside while I worked on weeding some of my garden beds and went ahead and planted some radishes. After a couple hours, we came in to shower and get ready for dinner.

That's when a loud alarm sounded in my home and I about peed myself, because I had forgotten what my weather radio's warning was like after so many months of it being silent.

We were under a tornado watch. Or warning. My radio said one, my internet said another.

And then this happened-

Hail. Not snow, but hail. Lots of hail. Hail that was bouncing around my back yard like ping pong balls in a fish tank.  Hail that knocked a little footstool plum off its perch on a decorative chair, then buried it under a blanket of icy balls.

Hail that was piled high and heavy enough that it took me several attempts to get my back door open.

Hail that lasted for what seemed like an eternity. I don't think I'd ever experienced hail that lasted more than a minute or two. This went on for a good ten minutes. Just pummeling all the green things growing in my yard.

Just goes to show, life is full of surprises. This maybe wasn't one I would choose, but I do think it is good to be awestruck by nature once in a while.

Even if it means you have to replant your radishes.

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