Tuesday, March 15, 2016

New Work-A Sophisticated Something Or Other

I've really thrown myself into my stitched mixed media/embroidery pieces lately. I've been sketching too, but mostly stitching. Stitching while cooking, stitching while watching the kids play outside, stitching while half sleeping...those pieces are always super fun to wake up to!

Spring is basically here-I've got bulbs pushing leaves through the ground, and my herbs are all sprouted. I'm going to be wrapped up in my gardens soon, so I think this sudden burst of creative productivity is the last big push before the art making part of my spirit dies down a bit for the growing season.

I've also been studying the Law of Attraction too, but that's a whole 'nother story. Which I will share in due time. Because it is one of those crazy things that affects how I work.

This newest piece was one of those 11 p.m. "Hey-I think I have an idea for a piece!" things that I hardly remembered even starting when I woke up the next morning after only a few pitiful hours a sleep. I was impressed by it, as it feels like a little bit more "sophisticated" piece than what I usually make. The colors, I mean. I'm all about gaudy, bright, candy colors. The candy colors in this piece are balanced out by the dark gray.

That's my opinion, anyway.

I love these random(or not so random) globs of vintage and thrifted buttons, and how they form a chaotic yet controlled mess.

Something about this reminds me of the juicy interior of a split, ripe peach.

And I love peaches. Picking the first peaches from my first peach tree was one of the happiest, most rewarding, most exciting moments of my life. There is just nothing like growing your own food. Or letting nature grow it for you. I guess I really don't have to do too much to take care of the peach trees. We are so far North though that peaches aren't a guaranteed thing. One late frost and snap-no peaches this year! So each crop is magical.

I really do think the colors in the piece would suit a more "sophisticated" home decor style that what I typically create for. And it is so small, it can effortlessly float from a bookshelf, to a kitchen to a bedroom or a fireplace mantle.

It'll be available in my etsy shop soon. I've got about 10 pieces hanging out, waiting to be listed, but I'm waiting to do it until I experience creative burn out and need a change of pace. Gotta keep it all balanced, man.

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