Thursday, March 3, 2016

The Tangled Webs Dolls Weave

My life, creativity wise, revolves around unfinished projects. Maybe you can relate?

This is a piece I started several months ago, and finished a few weeks ago.

It was inspired by my ponderings on the "cuteification" and "creepification" of, well, nearly everything in American pop culture. We have this strange compulsion to take things to extremes these days, and to take anything and everything and turn it on its head. The things that scare us, harm us and creep us out get painted in cute and easier to swallow candy coatings while the things that we cherish and hold dear get caked in layers of evilness, ickiness and creepiness. Thus we have cute monster dolls, candy colored zombie brains birthday cakes and sexy vampires. And, we also get murderous dolls, loving families who contract zombie viruses then are murdered before our eyes, and pretty high school girls who kill cute boys with their vaginas.

I'm not condemning nor condoning any of it. Just pondering it. The world is weird.

This piece is weird.

People generally have one of two responses to the mix of candy colored doll heads, buttons spiders and web. They find it either creepy, or cute.

SO there you go.

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