Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Asiago And Garlic French Toast

This looks like an unassuming piece of french toast.

Well, TWO unassuming pieces of french toast.

But they have a secret. They are far more delicious than their humble appearances would lead you to believe.

We make french toast once a week at our house, because it is one thing that both children will reliably eat. Usually it is sweet, and I have a million ways of making it sweet(bananas, orange cinnamon, almond maple), but sometimes I just don't want sugar for supper.

So last night, I threw some grated asiago cheese and garlic powder(we didn't have fresh) into the egg mixture, cooked in melted butter, then grated more asiago over the hot, cooked toast and holy Moses! Deliciousness. Totally simple, but totally satisfying deliciousness. And super quick to make. And the kids loved it. Because who doesn't love bread, butter and cheese?

You're welcome.

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