Friday, March 25, 2016

New Work-Strawberry Bubblegum Afro

Portraits are my favorite. Painted, stitched, photographed...I adore them all. So you're gonna see me posting quite a few over the next few weeks because I am in an "all portraits all the time" mood.

You've been warned.

I love portraits, and I love big hair. Like, gravity defying hair. So you're gonna see quite a bit of that too.

Here's a lady with a sweet pink afro I recently completed.

I freehand my portraits, because I like them to look a little bit wonky. It is too easy to just transfer a photograph onto a piece of fabric and go from there, so I like to challenge myself by free handing. I think pieces are more unique that way.

This fine lady's magnificently pink do is a gathering of neon, rose, bubblegum, wine and strawberry milkshake pink french knots. French knots are probably my favorite stitch, and I might overuse them. Might.

I am tempted to keep this sassy lady, but then again I always think that about every piece I make. And then the piece finds a home and the delight of the new owner gives me enough feels to be glad I didn't hoard it. I usually make things that make people happy, and that in turn makes me happy.

Not a bad way to spend a life, if I do say so myself.

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