Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Wednesday Wind Down

Is there any food more healing than soup?

I think not.

Or I hope not, anyway.

Today was busy-taxi driving kids, taking myself to school, paying bills...oh and tripping in my wedge heeled boots with the fringe in a manner than snapped that little ball of the ankle parallel to the ground...right as I left the Water Department. Bet the girls behind the counter were laughing their butts off. *LOUD SIIIIIIIIGGGGGHHHHH*

So now I'm parked on the couch, bemoaning the awful pain in my foot that feels worse each time I get up to walk, and eating soup. But not just any soup! Soup made with tomatoes, zucchini, cilantro and dill that I grew last summer. It was all promptly stored in my deep freeze after harvesting, then chucked into my crock pot day before yesterday to bubble and meld into a delicious, edible symphony that sings of late summer. *Dreamy sigh*

I also added some chicken stock, gold potatoes, dried celery, chili powder, garlic and dried red bell pepper for good measure. Oh and some smoked beer cheese crumbles from England. Because, CHEESE.

I started a journey today(which makes the ankle twisting all that much more ironic). A journey back to a place of productivity, peacefulness and positivity. My life has gone off the rails recently, and I needed to make a change. So I deactivated my Facebook and have begun the shift to structuring my days around healthy routines. Better meals, more meditation, true yoga and more quality time with my family.

I used to make my kids little "surprises" all the time, but somewhere along the line I switched to buying surprises. I'm determined to reverse that with things like this-a paper flower I made for my daughter from a scholastic book order flyer.

I'm also making a point of sketching each day. Here's today's fountain pen sketch.

My husband keeps saying that I need to ice this ankle, but it is but cold outside and icing any part of my body, even a painful one, sounds absolutely absurd. And awful. And torture. And, just, no. NO.

So I think I'll just try to take my mind off of things by stitching.

Or indulging in online shopping and a glass of whiskey.

Whatever works, ya know?

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