Saturday, March 19, 2016

New Work-Popcorn And Candy Sour Straws

I started and finished this piece, over the last couple of days, as a distraction from a bigger piece I am working on(and so close to being finished with).

The colors remind me of buttered movie popcorn and those neon colored, licorice style candy straws that taste like, and resemble, plastic. Probably because they are, like, 63% plastic.

I love the neon pink and plastic shininess contrasted with the organic feel of the shapes of the piece.

This is a small but weighty piece, made from a three or four inch vintage hoop, vintage unbleached cotton, vintage/thrifted buttons and vintage hot pink "S'getti Strings". As far as sustainable art goes, my pieces don't get much more sustainable than this.

I think this piece would be fantastic in a child's room, a sunny kitchen, a playroom or a bright and happy living room. It would work wonderfully in an eclectic apartment or enclosed porch space as well!

Annnnnnnnnd, my button pieces are perfect birthday, Mother's Day, whatever day gifts, especially for the person who has everything. Just sayin'. *Wink Wink*

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