Friday, June 29, 2012

What We Made Today

Recently I visited one of my younger brothers' apartment for the first time, and I have to say, upon entering the sparsely decorated(meaning, NO decoration, save some very full alcohol bottles), I had flashbacks to seeing The Husband's(back before he took that title on) apartment for the first time. Plain, with white walls that screamed at me and pretty much no decoration(or, "homey touches") to speak of, it felt more like a hotel room than a home. SO. I've decided to "help" him. I put that in quotes because I'm not sure he will share the same opinion...until girls come over and feel so at ease in his fabulously colorful and comfortable apartment that they gush with compliments, anyway...heh heh heh.

To start out with, I will be giving him a few of the older paintings I have hanging around my house. INSTANT COLOR BOMB. I'll try to post photos of the chosen pieces once I actually choose them...What?!?! I've been busy!

I'll also be giving him a pair of pillows that I worked on yesterday and this morning.

I tried to choose a manly, yet invigorating or at least interesting color from The Husband's fabric stash. I kept the design simple, using just the one fabric with zig zag stitched seams in a couple of not quite square organic shapes, so the pillows wouldn't seem too obnoxious either.

The best part about the pillows is that they are stuffed with cut up bits and pieces of fabric from my scrap pile, as well as several of The Kid's and The Husband's ratty shirts which had made it to my "cutter" pile, so they are eco-friendly, firm yet soft and completely and totally washable.

If he doesn't like them, I am going to slap him.

And also totally keep them for myself...

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