Monday, June 11, 2012

Doll Babies

One day while I was wandering the two aisles of our local SalArmy(it really is a tiny one), I came across a stash of vintage doll heads and parts. They were all still plastic wrapped and had obviously never been used, so how could I pass them up? I snatched those bad boys up and decided to take them home and see what I could do with them,

I did NOT want to make dolls out of them. They are a little too creepy for that.

It occured to me, as we were watching Disney's "Alice In Wonderland" on eafternoon, that they WOULD make fabulous faces for talking flowers. And, since I am already fluent in fabric flower making, I decided to have a go at constructing some unique, creepy cute hair clips. Everything about these clips, aside from the thread and clip itself, is either vintage or upcycled. Shazam.

I am quite please with how they turned out-

I really, really love how these girls turned out, and I forsee much more doll head/face accessories heading to the shop as I have already ordered several more packages of doll parts! :D

If you are interested in making either of these one of a kind lovelies your own, you can find them un my etsy shop, patiently waiting for a funky new friend to bring them along on new adventures.

Maybe it will be you???

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