Tuesday, July 3, 2012

From Crib Sheets To Necklaces-Upcycled Textile Memory Jewelry

Recently I decided to start a new series of textile jewelry, made from the clothing/linens used by the loved ones of my clients. I started out with a couple of pieces made for myself. I am a bit of a chesty girl, and super uncomfortable in my skin, so I like big, bold pieces that serve as distractions from the body parts they cover, so these bib pieces are HUGE.

 If you are interested in a custom textile memory jewelry piece, please be assured that I can definitely make smaller creations, heh heh. I have so many idea for pieces that I can accomodate many different styles as well, from bohemian to lolita to kitsch to abstract-I've got you covered.

This first piece is a very Shabby Chic and Lolita inspired creation, made from a crib sheet(the tiny floral pattern) and little tee shirt(the white backing and flower bouquet patch) once worn by The Kid.

This piece is so soft and comfortable, that despite its bulky size, it is a perfect summer necklace. And because it is made of well loved and laundered fabrics, I don't need to freak out if it gets a little dirty. I just pull out the Fels-Naptha and into the wash it goes!

The second piece is made from a base of unbleached cotton and vintage lace that I found in my Granny's fabric stash, cotton straps crocheted by my Mom, silver thread from The Husband's stash and button from my and my mother-in-law's stashes. It truly is a family inspired piece.

This piece is lovely, soft, floaty and airy. A big piece, but so lightweight that I forget I am even wearing it until somebody else comments on it. When the metallic thread embroidery catches the light, a gentle sparkle ensues. It is the perfect summer accessory.

And just for good measure, here's a photo of Thor crashing my photo shoot.

What a butt face.

Currently I am working on a custom embroidery hoop art piece made from one of The Kid's old dresses, so be on the lookout for photos of it soon. I also have a couple of customs for very special clients on the horizon as well.

If you would like your own piece of custom textile hoop art or jewelry, please feel free to contact me here, via etsy convo, or through my facebook page. I'd love to come up with a unique and one of a kind, special design for you to treasure! We can work with just about any material-from leather jackets to onesies to silk scarves or faded blue jeans. I am up for anything!

Just as long as you promise not to send me any dirty underwear. I think that's where I draw the line....

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