Friday, June 1, 2012

Countryside Roaming

Last weekend we did some roaming. We rummaged through a little town's spring celebration full of fair style food and crafts, a local Mennonite run general store, a few thrift stores and a few yard sales to boot. Here are some of the fun little things we found-

A gorgeous handloomed rug made from upcycled sheets and things. Matched my living room  perfectly, and can you believe it was only 29 bucks?!

These were made by a lovely little old couple who live and work on a beauitful piece of property near the general store. Can you believe each of these pieces were only 2-7 dollars?! We were so thrilled to happen upon their yard sale.

A geode for my little rock hound, purchased from a rock vendor at the spring festival.

I recently started a collection of state plates. I don't know why, but I LOVE these things. This one in particular is fabulous. Look at the size of Texas in relation to the rest of the United States...heh heh heh.

This beaded handbag was an amazing find. Vintage 50's or 60's and it still has the original tag, which means it has never been used. Flippin' amazing.

A double sided easel for The Kid. A light sanding and a quick paint job and it was ready for duty. She has paper and markers on one side and all her luchadors from mexico shoved into the other. Ha. Ten bucks at a Goodwill.

And last but not least

Camels. In a random pasture.

Who says the MidWest in all corn and cattle?

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  1. You hit it big time! Especially with the camels. :P

    I love the idea of collecting the state plates. I wish I had a wall in my dining room large enough to hold all of them!