Saturday, June 2, 2012

The Nose Knows

Father's Day is coming up, and because I am terrible at keeping secrets, especially good ones, I have already given The Husband his present. I usually give him watches but he has grown bored with that, so I searched far and wide for a piece of unique and functional art, because that's what he likes best. Functional art. That's what you get from a sculpture major!

Here is what I found-

This fabulous piece of awesomeness from Art Akimbo is more than just a sweet piece of resin art.

It also doubles as a glasses/ring/keyring holder.

For reals.

How awesome is that? And yes, those are my vintage Elton John style sunglasses. Don't act like you've never thrown a pair on, along with booty shorts and a long sparkling scarf, so you could belt out "Tiny Dancer" into a hair brush...

The Husband was very impressed. The piece itself is incredibly well made, super unique and the type of art that you buy now, love forever and your grandkids can resell for a good return on your investment once you are dead.

If they aren't cool enough to keep it, that is.

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