Sunday, January 12, 2014

A Little Weaving

I mentioned in my last post that The Kid and I were learning to weave. Well, we finally finished our little piece of decorative textile. And by "we", I mean "I". The Kid's patience crapped out before we got to the first color change. But that was ok, because I really enjoyed a departure from my usual crafts.

I made a few mistakes as I went, but all in all I am pleased with how it turned out.


I followed the tutorial etsy posted several days ago, and I must say, it was a fun little experiment project to use up some of my yarn scraps on. I don't think I'll be giving up my hoops and buttons to make room for a permanent loom anytime soon, but I do think I'll weave again. I'd like to incorporate some weaving into future button embroidery pieces. Next time I'll have a more specific color scheme in mind too, as opposed to just using the leftovers from other projects that I had hanging around.

The best part about this project is the fact that I now have one more skill to add to my bag of tricks.

Which, of course, means that I am one more step closer to my ultimate goal of crafty world domination..

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