Friday, January 31, 2014

Let Me Collect My Thoughts

I know, I know. I was a terrible blogger this past week.

I do have excuses.

The baby has been teething. I had totally forgotten just how awful that can be. His darned teeth are taking their time rising up, too. It might not have beeen so bad for him, had they just appeared overnight, but they are taking their sweet time. The two coming up now have broken through the gum, but they are refusing to pop up all the way. Everyday we see a little bit more of each tooth, but the nights are long and restless and painful for the little guy.

Needless to say, we've all be kinda tired. Plus, The Husband had some days off, so we were doing some runnin' and a LOT of work around the house. We've been spring cleaning.

Plus, it has been cold. Cold=unproductive. And puffy marshmallow down filled coats. And upcycled turbans. And waiting for a half hour in the car for the baby to finish his nap while everybody else goes inside.

And now there's this going on outside...

THIS has put a halt to spring cleaning. We are supposed to get five to seven inches. Kinda hard to get in the spring cleaning mood when you've got piles of snow to look forward to shoveling.

This is the road in front of our house.

I can honestly say that I've officially had my fill of snow for the year. I would not be sad if there were no new snow for the rest of the season.

But, this is Iowa. So, I know that won't be happening...

I recently placed an order from my new favorite place to blow money(heh heh) and buy gifts, Perpetual Kid.

The FedEx dude dropped off the package, and I about had a heart attack when I tore open the box and this thing jumped out from among the packing peanuts...

Yes, he has a peanut tucked into his gaping mouth!

One of my favorite purchases from Perpetual Kid is a pair of Shwings I ordered for The Kid.

She is so excited!

I bought a matching pair for myself.

She is so...NOT excited! Ha!

The Husband and I went for Chinese food, a couple days ago, while The Kid went to the beauty parlor with her grandma. My fortune was particularly poignant.

I cannot tell you why this is so poignant, at this time, only that I am working on something big. Something that I have wanted for a very long time. Something that will have to occur in stages, and may take a couple of years to bring to full fruition, but that I have recently taken the first steps towards achieving.

In addition to the hopefully predictive fortune, the waitress brought me TWO little takeout boxes for my leftover Princess Chicken when I only needed ONE, so I got a free cute little box to stash stuff in!

Please tell me that I am not the only person in the world who would be excited by that...

Babycakes is getting more and more difficult to nurse, so I'm trying to express enough milk to give him a bottle at bed time. He seems to sleep a little longer before that first night waking if he's had a bottle. We're talking two or three hours versus forty minutes, so it is a worthwhile endeavor. Problem is, it is very difficult to come up with enough milk. I have been researching galactagogues, and decided to try as many of them as I can, in order to boost my milk supply.

I've not tried the fabled fenugreek yet, but I am eating carrots and oats and trying to time feeds out so that I can have a dark beer at night. Yes, I read that dark beer is a galactagogue. If that is false information, please don't let me know. I've been enjoying the occasional treat of a beer and a rice pudding cup.

I am a simple girl. What can I say? And for the record, this Snowdrift Vanilla tastes nothing like a snowdrift or vanilla. But it is not too bad. I'm not one for beer, aside from Guinness, so I make The Husband finish what I cannot. Ha.

Speaking of The Husband, he's been finishing up the paint job on the fireplace.

I know mint green is sort of a love it or hate it color(I don't know too many people who have neutral feelings about mint green), and not a color that most people would put on a fireplace, but I LOVE IT. It makes me so happy every time I look at it. Life is too short to live in a house painted in "safe" colors that you are not completely in love with...

Finally, I've been working, very slowly, on an illustration.

I'm thinking that it might be done by Christmas, if I continue on at the pace I'm currently working. Ha.

With all the snow, and The Husband going back to work, I'll be much better about posting, this next week, since I will be trapped staying at home. I'm getting back to making items to sell at shows as well, and will hopefully be posting sneak peeks at new items soon, too.


Stay warm, my friends!

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