Monday, January 20, 2014

A Few Weekend SalArmy Finds

I say "weekend", but really, they are from Friday. Friday was the first day of our family's weekend, since The Husband works a weird schedule. The kids were antsy from being cooped up inside for a week, and the weather wasn't too terrible, so we went a thriftin'.

My favorite find of the day was these vintage "Bobbsey Twins" books. I had some of these books as a child and I adored them. I'm hoping my kids will enjoy them too. I love the simple, wholesome stories, and I really, really love the vintage artwork.

What is it about vintage story book art that is so darned appealing? Maybe it is the doll like way that children and animals are depicted? I'm thinkin' it is that. At any rate, the cute, black line drawings have clearly influenced my own illustrations. My characters almost always have those wide, unrealistic eyes and chubby faces.

I also picked up three pieces of Pyrex.

Two featuring green daisies

And one oval snowflake casserole dish with lid.

Finally, I bought these cute, vintage poodle planters to start a few herb sprouts in. I'd like to have a little windowsill herb garden in the kitchen this year, and I think this couple of cuties will be the perfect addition.

The craziest thing about all these purchases, is that they were ON SALE. As if buying things at SalArmy wasn't cheap enough, they give you sale prices, based on the color of the item's tag. So instead of paying two bucks a piece for the books, I paid one. Instead of three and four dollars for the bowls, I paid two something and three dollars. I don't even remember what I paid for the snowflake dish, but it was only eight to start out with, and it came with a perfectly good lid, so it was a steal to begin with.

The only bad part of this deal is that the glass and ceramic pieces have to be hand washed. I've only had a dish washing machine for seven months, but it has made me completely lazy in the dish washing department.

FYI, never never wash your old Pyrex in the dishwasher. You can cause the painted finishes to dull, or be removed completely. You should also be careful when rinsing or washing with super hot water, even when hand washing. I once had an old piece of depression glass shatter into a million pieces, in my hand, because I rinsed it in water that was too hot.


Actually, compared to the aftermath of that bad decision, uneventful hand washing sounds like a blast.

So, off I go!

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