Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Wednesday Thoughts And Snaps

We've had a crazy week. There's about a million things going on right now. My thoughts are scattered, so in no particular order, I share these photos with you...

We've been sick.

And resorted to shielding ourselves from the snotty horror of one another with head to toe body coverings.

We've been painting.

We're not done yet. We've a lonnnnnng way to go.

Did you know that if you google "painted brick fireplace", about 99.999999% of the images that come up will be white, gray or black fireplaces? Why are people so afraid(or hateful?) of color?

I mailed an embroidery off to the frozen tundra of Wisconsin. She said the piece reminded her of the Caribbean, so I included a tropical looking flower brooch.

And here's a tip I learned in the Etsy forums awhile back-always secure your fabric items in a plastic bag before mailing, so that they remain dry, and protected from smells(like cigarette smoke from your postal carrier), should your package become damaged or left out in the elements too long.

I also make sure that I include a piece of paper with the address of the recipient INSIDE the plastic bag, so if the box is damaged beyond repair in transit(or the address label gets ripped off), the postal service can still re-package and keep it moving(since they have the address).

It isn't particularly eco-friendly, but it works.

I also sent a little mouse and girl(amongst other doodles).

I don't know why, but I find it almost impossible to send a blank package through the mail.

Blood oranges. I'm obsessed.

The colors, the taste, they way they glow in the sunlight as though lit from is almost obscene, my love for them.

I'm also indulging in a love affair with shells, at the moment. I'm working on using them to create some Victorian inspired  shell art.

I'm also feeling inspired by the jewel tones of my vintage sewing threads.

The thin coating of snow on my front porch has me craving frosted sugar cookies.

But I settled for some really yummy coconut apple chip and flax seed muffins(I'll post the recipe later).

And if you follow my facebook page, you know that the The Kid and I are learning to weave.

The Husband was quite intrigued by our project and is now requesting that I teach him as well. I'm already thinking about all the ways I can incorporate some weaving into my embroideries...

In other news, the windchill was in the negative thirties earlier this week, but it is supposed to be in the forties(as in, forty degrees. Not below, but normal forties) by the end of this week.

I think Mother Nature is in dire need of a Midol.

Don't you?

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