Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Squash With Mushrooms And Pears Over Brown Rice

We made this dish a couple nights ago and it was delicious, so I thought that I'd share. Now, I'm no Ina Garten, and this is no super fancy food, but it is super easy to make and somebody else out there might enjoy it as much as we did.

But, I'm not really posting a "recipe" so much as just telling you what I did. Recipe writing ain't really my thang.

Firstly, I started my rice cooking, so by the time my squash and such was ready, so was my rice.

Then, I simply sauteed a small chopped sweet onion, several sliced fresh mushrooms, two small yellow squash and a Bartlett pear in a little olive oil, some garlic salt, pepper and cloves until they were cooked to my liking.

We then plated the squash mixture over the rice and enjoyed.

Earthy, crisp, and chewy with a little bit of sweetness and spice.

Easy peasy, yo.

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