Tuesday, November 5, 2013

A Few More Salvation Army Finds

I really can't figure out why my husband thinks I am an old lady when I bring home awesome finds like these-

Come on, you know you're jealous of the gold, woven, three dollar flats awesomeness.

I also found two of these awesome things for a dollar a piece.

The lunch trays were an especially exciting find, as I have been obsessed with procuring a few for a long awhile now, but they are kinda pricey(to a cheapskate like me) on etsy/ebay so I have never made the splurge.

I have no idea why I love lunch trays so much, but I'm starting to think that maybe I was a lunch lady in another life? I do love sloppy joes...(I just dated myself here. I'd post a youtube video of the song, but there isn't one that features Chris Farley available)

I also found these two shining beacons of plastic fantasticness for $5 a piece-

They are quite big, and made to be lighted and left outside, but I'm not into outdoor holiday decorating. I bought them as cute decor for my studio. I want to hang them from the ceiling. I'm thinking about painting the yellow a nice, dark shade of brown and adding some glass mosiac stone "candies" as extra decoration. I'd leave the white as is, but maybe add a fine glitter for some sparkle. I need to think on it a little longer, because if I mess them up and they're worse than what I started with, my OCD will make me crazy...er. First world craft problems, I know.

I also found a few nice pieces of fabric, which will make cute little dresses for The Kid. That's what she's told me, anyway.

Crazy daisies-$2 for 2 yards.

Groovy mushrooms tee shirt type material-$1.75 for about 2 yards.

Crisp  critter- $.50 for 1 yard.

Crisp critters remnant-$.25 for about a fat quarter's worth of fabric. I think the two critter fabrics will make a darling little pillowcase dress. And you really cannot beat those prices unless you are getting the fabric for free. And if you are getting fabric for free somwhere, HOOK ME UP, GIRLFRAN!

And now I'm off to make some lunch.

I cannot figure out why, but for some reason I'm craving pizza bread, canned peas, a chocolate milk, tater tots and Jello...

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