Tuesday, November 26, 2013

A Few Post DMV Visit Salvation Army FInds

Last week, both The Husband and I had to get our drivers licenses renewed.

Good Lord, is there anything so annoying as walking into the dmv and seeing a buttload of people, taking your number and searching for a place to sit, only to realize that half the people taking up seats are just TAGALONGS?! Peas and rice, people, if you aren't there to get your license, and you aren't there with a person who really needs you to be there while they are getting their license, then WHY ARE YOU THERE?

At any rate, we waited for two hours. The Husband actually got up, walked across the street to the Salvation Army, bought a book, came back and read his book for awhile. WHILE WE WERE WAITING.

There was no way I was gonna leave town without stopping by the Salvation Army too, since I don't get back to that town very often anymore. So after we both finally acquired our temporary paper copies, we dropped by.

Good thing we did, because we found a few sweet finds.

Yeah, that tag says three bucks. For a swanky piece of key lime pie colored pyrex.

And then there's this one too...

This was an especially good find because I already had a matching bowl in a smaller size. Whoopee!

Some people collect Pyrex for preservation purposes. That's good news for future generations, I suppose, but I actually use mine.

Here's proof.

Dirty dishes. How fun!

Or not.

I also found this adorable little ceramic vintage box.

Some body's granny probably made this at a ceramics class. Why would they not keep it?
I am so sentimental that I just don't understand why people don't keep things like this. I couldn't just leave it there in the store. It was so cheap that it was just asking for some body's kid to want it as a treasure chest.

No offense kid, but Dorothy probably didn't invest so much time in this little box just to have you break it.

We also added another piece to our copper mold collection.

The fireplace display is getting pretty close to being complete!
As I was leaving the store, I noticed a display of pins. This cat reminded me of a cat that wandered into my parents' lives a few years ago. I gave it to my mama, to remind her of Puddin'(who has passed on).

Although, I have to say, Puddin's eyes were not so creepy. This kitty's eyes? A little creepy.

Just a little.

Still cute though.

Kinda like me!

*Sad trombone*

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