Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Little Crochet Ladies

I am a horrible daughter. Not only do I ask my mom to make stuff for me, ALL THE TIME, but I also do my best to take the other things she makes too.

Recently I spotted this at her house.

She had intended it for her Operation Christmas Child shoebox, but it ended up not fitting, so it was just sitting on the mantle. Alone. All pretty and sweet and cute and perfectly crocheted.
My inner snatchy grabby child came out.
"Mine! Mine! Mine!"
Every time my mom makes something, that's what I hear in my head. Because she's really good at what she does. And I cannot crochet like she can. And she always makes neat stuff.
Also, mint green is my favorite color. I'm just saying.
I suppose if I was not the selfish daughter that I am, I could have donated it to another Christmas gift gathering charity, but I'm sentimental. And I'll take as much of my Mama's handmade goods as I can get. I can always buy a new toy for a gift drive, but I won't always have my mama around to make stuff.
I now have four of these little crocheted ladies.

Is that excessive?
I honestly don't know.
But if she's wants to make more, I'll always have room for them.
I mean, let's face it, I've got kids and nieces and nephews, and someday I just might have to share.
I really hope not, though. And that's not because I am selfish, but because I hope my mom will be around for a lonnnnng time, and that she'll be able to crochet right up until the end. Because making things is a big part of who she is, just like it is a big part of who I am. Even after we are gone, the generations that follow us will know who were through the things that we've made. God forbid Mom die tomorrow, my kids would know who their grandma was, by and through all the dolls and sweaters, the hats and slippers, the doilies and baby blankies and afghans that she has crafted with her hands, a hook and thread.
So yes, I will ALWAYS take anything she makes, even if I already own three. Or ten. Or a hundred.
It isn't excessive.
It is love.

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