Monday, November 25, 2013

Patchwork Quilts For Baby Cakes

There are a bunch of things I made during my pregnancy that I never did post about(I think), that I am going to try and catch up during the next month or so. Hopefully none of these end up being repeats. I've scoured my past posts to make sure I'm not re-posting, but it is very much possible for one to hide from me.

 Better late than never, right?

Just nod and smile.

This first post I'm going to use as an opportunity to show you the quilts I made for the baby, before he arrived. They were my first attempts at quilting anything, ever, so I was pretty proud of them, imperfections and all. They've been very useful, these past months, as everything from burp cloths, to nursing covers, to changing pads to, of course, blankies.

The backs are made from thrifted sheets, and most of the fabric squares are vintage. I suppose there are probably "right" and "wrong" ways to quilt, but I didn't bother with either or. I just did it.

Kind of a theme in this blog, right?



If you've been thinking about quilting, but you're scared you won't be "good enough", I suggest you go ahead and try anyway. Even if you don't end up with a "perfect" product, odds are good that you'll still end up with a useful one.
And I'd rather have something useful, even if imperfect, than something too perfect to be useful.
Know what I mean?

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