Saturday, October 5, 2013

Yard Sale Goldmine, Er, Coppermine

Yesterday, The Husband called me on his way to work. I about had a heart attack, immediately thinking the worst, as he NEVER calls once he leaves the house.

"HUN. You've got to get down here. There's a million coppers."

"Huh what?"

"On blah and blah(I don't even remember) street. Put the kids in the car and get down here now! They have so many we don't have and they're selling fast and I have no cash and have to get to work!"

I wasn't going to go. It was early, the baby needed to eat, the child was running around in Batman jammies and I had no bra on. To get up and go would require more work that what I deemed the coppers worthy of. But, I did want my fireplace finished. So I sat for a few minutes and weighed my options.

My curiosity got the best of me.

I put a bra on and put the kids in the car and set off to find the sale.

They had at least three times as many molds as I bought.

Here's what I bought.

One buck a piece, save the round rooster. These will go a long way towards completeing our copper mold fireplace art installation. Also, ROOSTERS! DUCK! SQUIRREL!

And just for good measure, I also picked up this lovely piece.


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