Thursday, October 31, 2013

A Trick AND A Treat

The Trick-I woke up early this morning with a scratchy throat that was literally on fire on one side. Well, maybe not literally. But it might as well have been, cos that's how it felt. A side of feverishly hot wiggle worm eating through my ear drum pain, came along with. Oh and it is raining frogs and dogs out.

Between the Kid and I both being all sick and out of sorts this week, I've spent most of it looking like this-

The Treat-I totally didn't feel up to making breakfast, so The Husband paid our local bakery a visit and brought me these-

We are completely and totally immature.

So of course we enjoyed our "boob cakes" with a few giggles and snorts. Admit it, you know they look like boobs...

And now I'm sitting here on the couch, all cool like, with a huge heating pad to my ear, biding my time until tonight, when I will sit in my house with all the lights turned off, hiding from trick 'o' treaters.

Hey, I had planned on handing out the goods, kids, but if you come by tonight, you'll probably only get a nice handful of germs. Or a shot of snot from the Kid. Which will only lead to you being sick and probably missing school.

Hey, maybe we should hand out candy after all...

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