Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Snapshots-Pumpkins In The Fireplace

We went to the local pumpkin patch recently to pick a few little odds and ends to go with the amazing, weird pumpkin my parents gave me for my birthday.

 I had never seen a pumpkin quite like this before. It is a pretty pinkish color with this crazy, textured growth all over the top. I love it! And I will be so sad when it eventually decays.

Also, I love when people give me unexpected gifts like found rocks, home grown fruits, locally procured gourds, hand made things and home made food. Simple, natural things that remind me that life is a marvel and I am loved. I just love it!

Since I am not big on holiday decorating, the pumpkin and the items we picked up at the pumpkin patch are just the right seasonal touch for my home when parked in the fireplace that is sealed off. Just enough to make me warm and sentimental, but not enough that I have to dread taking it all down and putting it away.

The little ghosty looking one(my favorite from the patch) is "upside down" in the first pic. I've been displaing it with the stem side down. But that's the most fun thing about my little fall still life display-it is totally kid friendly. The Kid and Babycakes both have enjoyed exploring the fruits with their hands and eyes. And so my "still life" really is never all that still.

And personally, that's exactly how I feel it should be.

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