Friday, February 1, 2013

Snapshots-Best PB Cookies Ever

Ok, so I admit, I have actually never really cared for PB cookies all that much, but there's no accounting for pregnancy cravings and last week, I was craving peanut butter cookies something FIERCE.

However, I HATE crunchy cookies. I don't even see the point in crunchy cookies. Broccoli is crunchy. Celery is crunchy. Bones are crunchy. Cookies, as with so many other good things in life(kitties, flannel, ice cream, ladies...) should be soft(...say what?! Ok, that last one I mentioned is just self justification...heh heh).

I came across this recipe, and with nothing but a maddening craving to lose, decided to try it.

I now love pb cookies. Happily ever after.

If you decide to try the recipe too, I suggest using a bit more peanut butter than the recipe calls for. And be very careful not to over bake. The difference between divinely soft and hell beastly crunchy was only one minute in my oven.

Also, if you do decide to make them, I am requiring at least two cookies sent to me from the batch as a finder's fee.

Pay quickly, or else I'll be charging you interest...

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