Sunday, February 3, 2013

Snapshots-The Cupcake Kid Strikes Again

We've been teaching The Kid how to use our dslr camera. It's been terrifying("please don't drop that, Honey. Mommy and Daddy can't really afford another xxx.xx dollar camera! *winces as she catches the camera by the strap) and really rewarding("Look, Mommy! I take da pitchur! I take da pitchur of youuuuuuu!!!!"). It's always exciting and heartwarming to experience the thrill a child feels when learning something new and "grown up".

The things she finds photo worthy make me laugh and shake my head sometimes, but they also challenge me to continually be more appreciative of my surroundings. She inspires me to try not to take all the colors, textures, materials and designs in my life for granted. Art, and inspiration really are everywhere, if we allow ourselves to just recognise them for what they are, where they are. I think that the ability to find inspiration in the everyday, as well as the extraordinary, is a great skill to have, and I am always delighted to encourage my kid to continue on in her journey of exploration.

Here are just a few of the scenes she recently found interesting enough to capture forever on film(well, digital).

Now if only she would find the salad as interesting to EAT as she does to SHOOT. *sighhhhhhh*

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