Saturday, February 2, 2013

Snapshot-Sewing Machine Belly Button Lint

Yesterday was "clean the sewing machine's belly button day".

I didn't have any canned air so I had to resort to cotton swabs(I swirl them as I dust, so the fibers of the swab don't get stuck in the machine's parts). Just in case there are any sewing newbies out there reading this, it is really important to periodically clean the lint and fuzz out of your machine. All those little fibers may seem innocent enough, but trust me, they can really mess your machine up and drive you nuts as you try and figure out what's gone wrong. Please consult your manual before you go tearing your machine up. Also, make sure you unplug your machine before you attempt any maintenance. These things may seem obvious to some of you(smarty pantses). I only mention them because they were NOT obvious to me, once upon a time, so I'd like to save others the frustration and pain if I can.

Now, who wants to discuss all the potential pranks that could be pulled if we save the lint and swabs???!!!

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