Thursday, January 31, 2013

What We Made Today-Upcycled Flannel Burp Cloths

A sewing machine is a fabulous thing to own when you have a baby on the way and funds are a little tight. Or you're cheap. Or both. There are so many things you can save money on by simply making them yourself, especially if you already posses a healthy fabric stash or like to thrift for used/vintage fabrics(as I do!). My personal list of things to make before the birth of our new baby includes

*burp cloths
*a quilt
*receiving blankets
*a Boppy type pillow
*a neck pillow
*diaper bags
*soft rattles
*appliques for upcycling bodysuits that belonged to The Kid

Today I crossed the first item off the list. Well, sort of. I mean, I made a few burp cloths but will more than likely make several more as I find them incredibly relaxing to construct, since they are so simple to make that even a mushy brained cow like me can't screw them up. And, babies puke. A lot. So you really can't have too many appropriate surfaces available for them to puke on.

Best of all, I didn't spend a single cent on these, since I raided The Husband's stash for the flannels(apparently he's a lumberjack. And he's ok.) and my own stash for the cottons(mostly pieces of sheets)that I used as backings. Old flannel shirts or jammy pants would also work equally well, if you don't want to spend any money but don't have random yards of flannel hanging around, as we apparently did.

Here's how they turned out-

I love them. In fact, I love them more than any of the burp cloths I used while The Kid was a baby, because they are softer, a tinch bigger, and they are double layered, which means less puke, spit and snot soaked shoulders for me. Whooo! Yeah.

I thought about trying to construct a tutorial, but honestly, I hate writing tutorials and there are so many good ones already in existence, that it seems a waste of time to try and improve on what's already available when burp cloths are about the simplest type of item you can sew.

So, I googled until I found a tutorial which better explains the basics of what I did.

You can find that really lovely tutorial here at The Hazel Bloom.

Or, if you'd prefer a tutorial that doesn't have so many photos, there is one here at Bright Hub.

Even if you don't have a little one on the way, find yourself a pregnant friend, acquaintance or relative with a baby shower coming up so you have an excuse to make these. They are so easy it's almost therapeutic. And with all the colorful, fun, chic, elegant, geeky fabrics available these days, the sky is the limit when it comes to making these as funny, classy or timeless, as expensive or thrifty/earth friendly, as you can imagine.

And trust me, while a bunch o' burp cloths may not seem that exciting a gift from the viewpoint of a person without a baby, I can tell you from experience that when you are cleaning up puke or spit up for the hundredth time in a day, a lovingly handmade, wonderfully absorbent and extra pretty(or charming or funny or bright) burp cloth might be just the things to give a tired new mom an extra little smile.

It's the little things(that make big messes!), you know?

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