Tuesday, February 12, 2013

What We Made Today-A Valentine Treat For The Cupcake Kid

I am not super big on Valentine's Day, but I do think it's a fun little holiday when you have kids, and any excuse to make cutesy little things in shades of red, white and pink is always welcome at my house.

This year for V-Day, I decided to make The Cupcake Kid a girly little skirt and a few hair accessories to match(plus a couple other treats that I haven't finished yet). Everything was constructed out of materials I already had, so they cost me zero dollars and only a few hours worth of my time. I think she is going to love them!

The skirt is a simple elastic waisted skirt with a huge bow sewn on for cutesy embellishment.

It is made from pieces of heart and lip fabrics I thrifted, a piece of heart fabric cut from a handmade scrub top that a friend gave me, and some gingham fabric given to me by Dana of Dot's Diner. It is lined with a bit of a thrifted white sheet.

The hair clips and bow are made from the same fabrics, plus a bit of leopard print from Dana, a peppermint stripe from a vintage curtain and some hot pink tulle I had lying around. The two clips are also topped by little wooden heart buttons, cut out by The Husband and painted by me.

Super easy, super inexpensive, super cute and she will enjoy them so much!

So take heart, if things are a little tight financially for your family this year. It doesn't take a lot of money or new and shiny, expensive things to make a holiday a little bit more special for your little kidget. All you need is a little time and a little bit of thriftiness. Even of you don't have a sewing machine, these things could easily be stitched by hand too(Oh the horror!).

Or you know, call up Grandma and have her make them.

That always works too.

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