Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Yarn Doesn't Fall Very Far From The Tree

Orrrrr something like that.

I come from a long line of crafters. My grandmothers several generations back didn't actually even know that they were crafting. They called it, "surviving".

Most of my craftiness comes directly from my mother and her mother, who are particularly gifted in the crochet department. My mom especially can crochet like nobody's business(I'm not even really sure what that means...). It is rather unfortunate for her, because I have a tendency to frequently send her emails of things I see online and say, "Hey, do you think you can make this for me?"

And she ALWAYS does. And it always comes out even better than anticipated. You'd think she'd get tired of me doing this, but she doesn't seem to. In fact, she surprises me with neat things she's made for me all the time! I know, I am spoiled.

Today she surprised me with this amazing and TINY little ice cream scoop, which I am going to run a jump ring through and turn into a necklace charm.

That is a freakin' penny! I do not posses these amazing crochet skills whatsoever.

Here are just a few more of the hundreds of wonderful things my mom has made for me over the years. A doll, legwarmers, a purse and two scoops of ice cream(SQUEEEEEEE!!!)

Those last two scoops are my favorites(along with the first). I like to wear them like this-

I know I am probably too old for them, but I get the best looks from little old ladies in the grocery store....

Thanks, Mom!

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