Tuesday, April 3, 2012

What We Made Today

And when I say "we", I am really saying "ME", but my husband did help corral the child while I worked, so I am letting him claim some of the credit...heh heh.

Today we made a very special, custom request, ruffle flower bag(try saying that five times fast), for one of my very favorite ladies.

The blue paisely fabric is from my husband's stash. So is the blue gingham, come to think of it. The white floral and solid blue are upcycled, vintage bed linens, and the blue floral is a vintage pillowcase that I tea dyed. You can't see it, but hidden under the ruffles at the top of the bag is a button and loop closure, featuring a vintage button. Made of soft cottons and cotton blends, this bag is slouchy, foldable, squishable, comfy cozy and easy going. So sweet for spring!

We also made my daughter's Easter dress today. I am not a big fan of dressing little children in styles that resemble adult styles(just my own personal preference), and my daughter is not much for dresses, so I kept it simple and colorful. I used a Simplicity pattern from Wal-Mart(American made!) and altered it to suit my needs.

The yellow was a clearance fabric I picked up last summer from fabric.com. Yes, the animals are upside down. I did that so when Kidlet looks down, they'll seem right side up to her! Ha ha! The Easter Egg fabric was from a handmade pillowcase that we thrifted and upcycled. The blue paisley is leftover from the tote project listed above. The buttons are all vintage.

I chose to make the straps extra long and fold them, then secure with the buttons, so that we can take them apart later and extend the life of the garmet by turning it into a shirt as Kidlet gets bigger. It is the same principal as those dresses with the weird, long shoulder ties that are all the rage for little girls right now, but with less dangleness(I may have made this word up...).

The pattern also called for a liner, but Easter is going to be very hot this year, so I decided to skip that. I hate to see little girls suffer for their mothers' vanity, and always feel so sorry for the ones who are made to wear those dresses with major fabric overkill when it is four million degrees outside. This little dress should be cool and comfy, and plenty drafty as my little one gathers her eggs.

I'll be making a matching bow, too. Hopefully.

Eh, who am I kidding. Knowing my child, it'll end up on the cat.

So what did you make today?

You know what they say about sharing...


  1. Dood, seriously. Please teach me how to sew more than squares! I have that bag I need to give you still! :)

  2. Thank you!

    And, the easiest way to learn how to sew more than squares, in my humble opinion, is to just get a pattern and dive in! That's how I learned anyway, lol.